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T3/DS3 Dedicated Line Pricing

T3/DS3 dedicated line pricing from more than 200 providers for business Internet. This service is totally free and there is no obligation to accept any of our pricing quotes. Our unique software is second to none and helps the process of selecting a new or upgrading your existing bandwidth. All our prices are current and up to date with new providers being added daily.

If you are not sure what bandwidth or data service your business needs, then we are here to help. Our Technical staff is some of the best in the business and can help instantly with any query or special requirement.

T3/DS3 Explanation and Providers

Sixty-four Kbps is called digital signal zero, or DS0, and is not considered to be a high-speed line nowadays; the minimum for high-speed transmission is about 24 times faster than DS0 and is called DS1: this is more familiar as a “T1” line.

A dedicated T1 line is always on, transmitting and receiving the equivalent of 24 voice conversations from the business Internet provider’s servers.

A large company needs something more than a T1 line and could probably use a T3, DS3 line powered by T3, DS3 technology.

The companies listed below are just two examples and some of the services they offer. Complete our no-obligation quote form for more detailed T1 or T3/DS3 service quotes from 200 dedicated Internet providers.

Dedicated Business Internet Line Providers.

ACC Business:

Comprehensive solutions for critical data networking needs with dedicated, digital transmission paths from speeds of 56 Kbps through to 45 Mbps (T-3). Comprehensive networking solutions are offering an array of networking options, including point-to-point and multi-point facilities, providing the flexibility and capacity business applications demand.

A tradition of network reliability. Customers benefit from the world-class AT&T Network, which provides industry-leading performance in terms of reliability and error-free transmission.

ACC has a broader footprint than any competitor, with the most Points of Presence (POP) nationwide.
Personalized care with dedicated project management and the expertise of a personalized point-of-contact, customers can be confident that their orders will always be well-managed.


Reliable transport service — Scalable, low latency, supports multiple network applications.(e.g., data, IP, ATM, voice, video, etc.) and flexible (allows you to build network configurations).

Cost-efficient — allows you to combine multiple incongruent services over one line and aggregate slower-speed services onto high-bandwidth trunks. Security — the telecommunications facility is dedicated to your use, protecting the confidentiality of your information and making this one of the most secure services available.

Performance — SLA includes the circuit availability objective of 99.999 percent end-to-end.

Continuity of operations — Enhanced Diversity routing assists in planning for disaster recovery.

We provide dedicated business Internet pricing from more than 200 providers in the US. If you want to compare line pricing, then our algorithm will show you all the different price options for your business. We can provide competitive costs for T1, T3, DS3, OC48, fiber, and much more. Just use our instant quote form adding a few details and we will give you provider pricing with no obligation to take up our services. However, we hope you will be impressed and would like to find out more about what we can offer.

If your business has a presence in the US and offices worldwide then we can offer competitive data pricing to connect your offices. Our Technical consultants can assist with any questions you may have as they are experts in their field and up to date with all the latest developments in the Telecommunication world.